Monday, December 13, 2004

Myths About Paintball

There are many reasons why people should play paintball. A lot of people are reluctant to play because they feel that paintball would hurt too much. Although they are not entirely wrong, and paintball can be somewhat painful, it is not as painful as some imagine it would be. As a matter of fact, you probably hurt yourself more when you stub your toe. Moreover, people probably don't play paintball because they feel it costs too much money. Paintball can be expensive, but you don't have to buy the most expensive things to have fun. Although some paintball equipment does cost a lot of money, paintball guns and equipment are not one of those purchases that break in a few weeks. They can last years, if not purposefully broken and handled with care. As one can see, many of the common reasons that people don't play are exaggerated and untrue.

How To Clean Your Paintball Gun

Cleaning your paintball gun can be made into a very short and simple project if you know how to do it. The most basic cleaning step you can take is cleaning your barrel with a squeegee. The next step is to take out your T-pin, and pull the bolt out. Next, you should wipe any dirt or debris off your bolt with a paper towel. Once you've done this you should run the squeegee through the paintball gun to clear any dirt from the inside. You should also wipe down your gun with a paper towel in case grease has accumulated on the outside of the gun. Then, you should clean the inside and the outside of your elbow, and hopper. The last thing you should do is take the trigger frame off and wipe any grease or dirt that is on the inside. Your gun is now clean, and you can start shooting!

Spyder Xtra Review

The Spyder Xtra is one the newest additions to Spyder's vast amount of paintball guns. This gun comes with a wide range of features that most guns don't come with. According to, "[f]eatures included on the Xtra [are] rear cocking 2nd generation venturi bolt, field strippable T-pin, sight rail, . . . 2 finger trigger with regulation guard, anti-double feed, 12" micro-polished barrel, . . . rear velocity adjuster, newly designed cocking grip, and a deluxe drop forward"( This gun is very accurate, even from ranges of up to 105 feet. As noted, "[s]ince the Xtra is well balanced, it is easy to take snap shots and maneuver the gun during play"( The Xtra is inexpensive, and reliable. Overall, the Xtra is a great gun, and well suited for any game.

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History Of Paintball

Many people wonder when paintball guns were invented, and who invented them. Well, in 1970 the first paintball gun was invented by James Hale of Daisy Manufacturing. At first, they were not used the same way they are now. In the beginning, they were used by ranchers and farmers for marking livestock and trees. People didn't start playing paintball until 1981, when a game of Capture the Flag was played with the guns. The match was played on a field of more than 100 acres, and three different types of paintball guns were used. Currentlty, paintball games are played all over the world, with many different types of guns. (

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How To Put Together Your Paintball Gun

When putting your paintball gun together the first thing you want to do is make sure you have all of your equipment ready. Then, screw the barrel in. When it is all the way in it should not wiggle or unscrew easily. Once you've done this, make sure your barrel plug is in the barrel. Next, take your elbow and place it over your feed-tube (if it is an adjustable elbow, make sure the bottom screw is tight so that it doesn't come loose). Then, take your hopper and place it into the other end of the elbow, making sure that the lid is facing you (if it's an adjustable elbow, make sure the top screw is tight so that the hopper does not fall out). Next, take your C02 tank and screw it into the fitting at the bottom of the handle. Once you've done this, make sure that your safety is ON. Now you're almost ready to play. You just need to put paintballs into your hopper. When you put your paintballs into your hopper, you want to fill it almost all the way. If you have a vertical feed, and a gun that's prone to splitting paintballs, you might want to put paintballs in one by one, until the elbow is full. Now you're ready to play--remove the barrel plug, turn the safety off, and start shooting!

Is Paintball a Real Sport

Is paintball ultra-violent, or is it a real sport? Many people have a misunderstanding of what paintball really is. They think that paintball is mindless violence, when the truth is that most paintball players don't play because they enjoy shooting, and causing harm to others. They play because it is NOT violent. For example, football and rugby are much more violent than paintball, but they are still considered real sports. Paintball involves war-like terrain, camouflage, and guns, but that doesn't mean that the sport is violent. In fact, it means quite the opposite. All these things make paintball thrilling, exciting, and fun, but not violent. A number of people feel that just because you shoot someone with a paintball gun and it hurts, means the sport is violent. Compare this to football, where people get hurt all the time but it's still considered a sport. People can even get hurt in a non-violent sport like basketball. Although it is understandable that people could see paintball as ultra-violent, it isn't. Paintball is a challenging, competitive, non-violent sport. (

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