Monday, December 13, 2004

How To Clean Your Paintball Gun

Cleaning your paintball gun can be made into a very short and simple project if you know how to do it. The most basic cleaning step you can take is cleaning your barrel with a squeegee. The next step is to take out your T-pin, and pull the bolt out. Next, you should wipe any dirt or debris off your bolt with a paper towel. Once you've done this you should run the squeegee through the paintball gun to clear any dirt from the inside. You should also wipe down your gun with a paper towel in case grease has accumulated on the outside of the gun. Then, you should clean the inside and the outside of your elbow, and hopper. The last thing you should do is take the trigger frame off and wipe any grease or dirt that is on the inside. Your gun is now clean, and you can start shooting!


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