Monday, December 13, 2004

Is Paintball a Real Sport

Is paintball ultra-violent, or is it a real sport? Many people have a misunderstanding of what paintball really is. They think that paintball is mindless violence, when the truth is that most paintball players don't play because they enjoy shooting, and causing harm to others. They play because it is NOT violent. For example, football and rugby are much more violent than paintball, but they are still considered real sports. Paintball involves war-like terrain, camouflage, and guns, but that doesn't mean that the sport is violent. In fact, it means quite the opposite. All these things make paintball thrilling, exciting, and fun, but not violent. A number of people feel that just because you shoot someone with a paintball gun and it hurts, means the sport is violent. Compare this to football, where people get hurt all the time but it's still considered a sport. People can even get hurt in a non-violent sport like basketball. Although it is understandable that people could see paintball as ultra-violent, it isn't. Paintball is a challenging, competitive, non-violent sport. (

Grey-Gloom, Eve Lynn. "Paintball is it Mindless Violence or a Real Sport." Paint Magazine 22 Apr 2002. 07 Dec 2004 .


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