Monday, December 13, 2004

Spyder Xtra Review

The Spyder Xtra is one the newest additions to Spyder's vast amount of paintball guns. This gun comes with a wide range of features that most guns don't come with. According to, "[f]eatures included on the Xtra [are] rear cocking 2nd generation venturi bolt, field strippable T-pin, sight rail, . . . 2 finger trigger with regulation guard, anti-double feed, 12" micro-polished barrel, . . . rear velocity adjuster, newly designed cocking grip, and a deluxe drop forward"( This gun is very accurate, even from ranges of up to 105 feet. As noted, "[s]ince the Xtra is well balanced, it is easy to take snap shots and maneuver the gun during play"( The Xtra is inexpensive, and reliable. Overall, the Xtra is a great gun, and well suited for any game.

"Spyder Xtra." Paintball Gun Reviews. 02 Dec. 2004 .


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Yea! Using quotes correctly and a real citation. I am a happy teacher.

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